The Rolller Blinds in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham

Bring life to your home with our bespoke roller blinds in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham. Our roller blinds are made from one type of fabric material. They are the right solution if you are looking for blinds with some level of insulation and privacy needed for your premises. 

Roller blinds are popular because they can be customized to offer a great range of appearances based on design and taste preferences. They are easy to personalize when you want to achieve a certain personal décor in a given room.

Roller blinds are also very strong and can adopt various colours to match the décor taste or finish a distinct expression pattern in any room. To increase durability, you can opt to add a protective, stain-resistant finish to the roller blinds.

Additionally, you can have a safety film fitted on your new roller blinds for added tranquillity in the room. The retractable safety films we install can be pulled back during dark and cloudy days to increase the amount of light entering the room.

Also, our roller blinds can be fitted with an electric motor. Motorised blinds are considered a safer option for use, especially in the children’s bedrooms. Electric blinds can be fitted on windows that are hard to reach. Electric blinds are also important for people with limited capacity for movement because of the convenience to open and close the blinds by simple means of operation.

Before leaving the site, our team of installation professionals must stress-test the functionality of all workmanship to safeguard our glorified reputation for quality work. We have great confidence in executing tasks from our wide experience fitting blinds on all sorts of window frames and surfaces.

If our roller blinds in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham interest you, you might want to check out our offer on Venetians Blinds.

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  • We build our own blinds
  • A family-owned and managed company
  • All products come with a full warranty

  • Your blinds will be assembled quickly; we plan to do so within 7 days.
  • Design consultations are given at no cost
  • Every step of the way, you’ll receive dependable, friendly service
  • There are over 200 colours and styles to choose from for all promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our motorised roller blinds can conveniently open and close with a simple operation. You can program these blinds to set the up and down limit of covering the windows at your desired position. Just press a button, and it will process automatically.

Regular Rolled Fabric


  • Helps reduce the light that can creep around the edge
  • Optimum privacy and maximum insulation against cold and heat
  • Recommended when window depth is shallow.
Reverse Rolled Fabric


  • Create a gap between the shade and the window
  • Give your windows a sleek and minimal appearance
  • Recommended where light blockage is not necessary.

Yes. Blinds Nottingham offers waterproof roller blinds in Nottinghamshire and Nottingham. It makes them the perfect  solution for your kitchen, bathroom, utility room, or children’s rooms. 

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To clean your roller blinds, vacuum them to collect all the dirt and dust. After that, use a damp cloth to clean the blinds completely.

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