Remarkable places to visit in Nottingham



Nottingham is a city that is growing in size and importance. It is home to a number of tourist attractions and has a lot of places to eat and to drink. Here, we take a look at some of the attractions, restaurants, a theatre that is intended for performance like drama, musical, opera, and comedy, a casino that gives you the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience to visit if you’re in Nottingham and looking for something to do.


Old Market Square

The Old Market Square (Slab Square) is an open, pedestrianised city square in Nottingham, England, forming the heart of the city and covering an area of approximately 12 acres. It is one of the largest paved squares in the UK. Located in the heart of Nottingham City Centre, The Old Market Square (Slab Row) is bounded by Beastmarket Hill to the West, Long Row to the North and South Parade to the South. The eastern end of the square was once dominated by The Council House but this has since been demolished and replaced by a temporary building. The nature of the square means it is often used for large local events such as markets and concerts and exhibitions. Large national events such as games nights and film shows also take place throughout the year.


National Justice Museum

Based in Nottingham’s historic Lace Market, the National Justice Museum is housed in Nottinghamshire’s Grade 2 listed old Shire Hall and County Gaol. The Museum uses original Courtrooms, dungeons and prison cells, along with a number of more contemporary galleries to exhibit collections relating to justice, the law, crime and punishment in a fun and interactive way. When visiting the museum you may also meet a variety of colourful historical characters with different stories of justice to tell.


City of Caves

The City of Caves is a visitor attraction in Nottingham, England that has been set up as an underground city with a series of tunnels that have been carved into the sandstone. In the past, it’s attracted many visitors that enjoy many different forms of entertainment. Many wouldn’t know these caves were here, they’re underground after all! Those who play here can expect to see something quite unique and unusual which is opened up by a series of special doors. The City of Caves is situated at Drury Hill which used to be a medieval street in Nottingham where many people used to live until it was knocked down and then rebuilt with modern buildings. There are hundreds of man-made caves in Nottingham and it’s one part tourist attraction and one part urban legend. The City of Caves was accessible via a lift that would take visitors from the second floor to the attraction, however plans have been put in place for this not to be possible any longer from 2021 onwards. The caves have been present in Nottingham since 2004 and their initial entrance used to be located on the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre’s upper level, but thanks to construction work being completed in 2021 these offices, or cells as they were known then, will no longer be accessible via that train. The caves currently belong to the National Justice Museum and they’re run by its Egalitarian Trust.


Brewhouse Yard

Brewhouse Yard and its 17th Century cottages, which will open in early summer 2022, tell the stories of everyday people in a rapidly expanding and industrialising Nottingham, but the history of this area stretches back much further. Having transformed from a sordid den for cutthroats and thieves to the genteel home of a stocking dyeing pioneer, Brewhouse Yard has just as many stories to tell as the Castle atop the hill.


Here’s a map that leads you from the nearby area of Brewhouse Yard to our unit at Vernon House, Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DQ, UK