Points of Interest in Derby UK

Regarding places to visit in the UK, not many come with such an overall range of captivating attractions such as Derby. Next door to the stunning Peak District, Derby offers a wide range of things to do, and most excitingly, these attractions are within easy distance by car, train and other public transport. We countdown to some of the most captivating and memorable places to visit in Derby:

Sadler Gate

If you love your shopping and come to Derby, it would be a crime not to visit Sadler Gate shopping street. It has a compelling blend of innovative fashion boutiques, relaxing bars and a variety of my favourite restaurants. Locals and visitors alike are magnetised to this place. However, one of the unique things about Sadler Gate is that most buildings were built centuries ago giving it a very historic feel. So if you loved your history lessons back at school, visiting Sadler gate will certainly be a real treat.

Derby Cathedral

Created in the 16th century during the rule of King Henry VIII, the Cathedral of All Saints still stands proud as a defining landmark of the city. On a day out in Derby, it certainly isn’t hard to spot given its 212 feet tower height. The architecture inside is stunning and seeped with history. Prices are reasonable at £5 per adult. The highlight of the visit is the daunting, but exciting 189 step climb to have a view of the city in all its glory.

Pickford’s House Museum of Georgian Life and Costume

Fancy a visit to the former home of Georgian architect Joseph Pickford? It will give you a useful insight into the daily domestic life of those from the 18th to 20th centuries. The ground floor dining room and drawing room have been reconstructed as we understand them to have been during the time of Pickford’s residency. The first floor consists of the dressing room and the bedroom. But it doesn’t end there. We are also given a sense of how a servant lived like under the stairs with the reconstruction of the laundry and kitchen. But the icing on the cake is surely the upper floors which display a serene collection of historic textiles.

Derby Museum and Art Gallery

If the Pickford’s House wasn’t enough for your dose of history, then the Derby Museum and Art Gallery will fulfil this. Derby’s very own 18th Century artist Joseph Wright has a whole host of paintings from landscapes to scenes of industry and scientific equipment. The fascinating thing about this is that the museum houses the largest collection of Wright’s works in any gallery across the globe. Other than this, the museum also displays an Archaeology Gallery showcasing materials from the Stone Ages to the Middle Ages and even a geology and wildlife section with a hugely popular Time Tunnel.


Here’s a map that show the distance from our Derby base DE21 4SZ to Bombardier.