A Guide To Explore The Wonders Of Nottingham



Nottingham is home to many great attractions and sites across the region, but it can be difficult to find the information you need. This blog will look at the different places to go to if you’re looking for things to do around Nottingham. It will also look at the different attractions and sites you can visit around the area.


The Arboretum

This park in Nottingham is a Green Flag award winner and has recently been renovated with the city’s history in mind. It is not only one of the oldest parks in the city but it’s also the closest to Nottingham city centre. This historical location is home to an important collection of over 800 trees, some of which were planted by noted people from the past such as Mary Queen of Scots or Lord Byron.


The Haunted Museum and Oddities

Here at the museum, you will see displays of many interesting and odd items that bring to life the spirit of the past. Interested in seeing some haunted artifacts as well as curiosities from around the world? They conduct archaeological digs and sell an assortment of antique items, such as shrunken heads and baby dolls made by infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Whether you’re interested in late night paranormal investigations or even joining our large collection of dead bodies preserved in formaldehyde, they offer a variety of experiences for those brave enough to explore beyond the pallid veil…


Robin Hood Statue

Cast in eight pieces of half-inch thick bronze, the Robin Hood statue stands just over 7 feet tall on a two-and-a-half ton block of white Clipsham stone. This powerful figure is surrounded by small studies of Little John, Friar Tuck, Robin’s right hand man Alan A Dale, and the outlaws Will Scarlett, Maid Marian and of course his faithful companion – his trusty sidekick Little John. The set of statues are placed around an ivy adorned castle wall replicating the importance that the plant played in the outlaw’s life as it was supposedly Robin who first taught Maid Marian how to grow it! Since it was erected at Nottingham Castle close to 800 million photos have been taken here by celebrities and visitors alike which include Royalty members from all across Europe – because as we all know, Robin himself was the original Prince Charming!


Arnot Hill Park

A Gorgeous park with a beautiful lake where you would see different local species of birds such pigeons, ducks, and many more, as you walk around you will see squirrels racing up and down the trees. Come enjoy the nature view and wildlife in this park.


Here’s a map that leads you from the North area of Arnot Hill Park, Nottingham to our unit at Vernon House, Friar Ln, Nottingham NG1 6DQ, UK